Karatsu’s specialty! Eat live squid! Squid Kaiseki Package

This is the most popular package that you can have squid dishes including live squid.

Squids from Sea of Genkai are transparent and so sweet!
You should enjoy fresh local seafood here!

Side dish
Live squid sashimi
Squid shaomai
Grilled dish
Seasonable simmered food
Squid tempura or salt-grilled squid
Deep-fried dish
Rice, Soup, Pickles

*The amount of live squid sashimi depends on the number of people and the weight of the squid. It doesn’t mean that one person will have one whole squid.
*A kind of squid depends of the season and arrival.
*When squids don’t arrive due to a bad weather, we will serve another kind of sashimi.

*The menu can be changed due to arrival of ingredients.

Japanese-style breakfast.
*It can be buffet-style




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