Restaurant Geirin

From the restaurant Geirin you can get a view of Karatsu Bay.
The nostalgic space gives a Meiji and Taisho era atmosphere.
Forget about time and enjoy meals with unchanging sea.

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A chef, Michio Fujita’s Japanese traditional Kaiseki and original dishes with local food give you pleasure with the beautiful sea under the window.


Saga Beef

One of the greatest brand beefs, Saga Beef.
It’s a beautiful fat-marbled beef that is like an art.
You can enjoy the sweet and malting beef.

Live squid
(We can serve squid tempura instead.)

Chewy, sweet and transparent live squid is only eaten in Karatsu which is the home of squid.
If you prefer squid tempura to a live one,
please let me know when you order it.
We also have other dishes with squid,
such as squid shaomai.


Monthly Lunch Special

Restaurant Geirin serves lunch with a different seasonable food every month.

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We have an assortment of Saga’s local sakes and plum wines.


  • Private Room 4 people – 1 available
  • Private Room 12 people – 1 available
  • Raised Tatami-floored Room 32 people – 1 available
  • Table 4 people – 6 tables available




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